New York, Connecticut and Venezuela

Bye, Bye New York. See you later Connecticut.  So long New Jersey.  Nos vemos Venezuela. 

Liberals like to think the well-off fell into their wealth exclusively by inheritance or some other lucky twist of fate.  But let’s be honest the majority of wealthy people earned their way to the top through hard work.  These folks aren’t dummies and they are growing tired of being taken advantage of.

In article after article statistics are cited noting the numbers of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois residents fleeing these high tax states to lower tax states. They’re tired of working to support others and rather than fight the battle against special interest supported politicians they’re sending the most fundamental protest one can make.  They’re leaving town.

If only politicians spent their creative juices on reducing expenses and making government more efficient we’d all be better off.  But that sounds like work and frankly politicians don’t have the stomach for the job.  Our leaders – both republicans and democrats – are incapable of balancing a budget.  If they treated their family budget the same way they treat our country’s budget they’d all be divorced.

Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”  We need our own Margaret Thatcher.