Game Show Immigration

Game Show Immigration – Have you seen the TV game show “The Price is Right”?  Bob Barker was the original host of this successful TV game show that launched its’ updated version in 1972. Drew Carey is the current host.  The TV audience is filled with happy-inflicted potential contestants dressed in all manner of crazy outfits.  Hey, I’d be happy too if I had the time to attend daytime TV game shows.  Contestants are selected – not randomly but that’s another story – to take their chance at guessing closest to the right price on various consumer goods and winning big prizes!

Why don’t we adopt the Mexican immigration policy?  Frankly it would work a lot faster than building a wall and would probably be much more effective.  Mexico, like most countries, places a priority on admitting would-be citizens based on their potential contribution to Mexico and their lack of a drain on the Mexican economy.  Mexico looks for citizens that can be useful to overall Mexican society.  Furthermore, Mexico specifically bars foreigners who would be detrimental to their national interests.  There is nothing unique about Mexico and their immigration policy as many countries follow similar guidelines.  Good for Mexico, good for those countries that use similar immigration policies and a good lesson for the United States.

It’s time for a merit based immigration policy.  Merit based immigration is not about prohibiting immigrants from one part of the world or another and it’s not about religious preference.  America was built by hard working immigrants from throughout the world.  Let’s welcome more immigrants who want to be here, immigrants who want to work hard, contribute to our society, assimilate and be a part of the American dream.