Charter School Fear

Charter School Fear; is there a better word than fear that summarizes public educator’s constant attacks on charter schools?

Public educators and their unions are disingenuous in their disparaging condemnation of charter schools.  Their behavior is disheartening.  These “educators” aggressive and mostly unfounded attacks are solely based on their own self interests. Even the simplest introduction of competitive assessments of teachers, administrators and school systems is met with contemptuous ridicule.  These critics are the same administrators, union bosses and teachers that year after year deliver below average academic results for our children.

We’re not saying that the charter vs public education choice is easy or even clear cut.  But we are offended by the knee-jerk negative reaction that public educators and their unions have when the charter school option is even discussed.  Public educators are against charter schools.  Public educators are against testing of public school pupils. Public educators are against ranking of teachers or other teacher appraisals.  Public educators are against reducing the multiple layers of management in public education that reduce efficiency.

While suburban children can receive an excellent public education urban students often suffer educationally at below average public schools.  Why not give these students and their parents another choice?  Why not let them choose?  If public education is not getting the job done why not let students and parents choose an alternative?  Or would charter school foes prefer to expose another generation to substandard teaching?

No doubt many teachers are sincere in their teaching efforts and diligent about their students learning.  But time after time, teachers unions have shown themselves to be against every serious effort that involves self-appraisal.  They are afraid.